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Friday, 29 March 2019


Dream Big Think Deep
You need more than a resume. You need a personal executive branding profile. Job opportunities are always available out there. Multinationals and global corporations are willing to pay top dollars for the right talent. Are you in this talent group? To be in this highly-prized group, you have to show you can
·         CREATE VALUE
·         ADD VALUE
·         MAGNIFY VALUE.

Here at Successful Resumes Singapore, we have helped thousands not just to write their resumes but to create and craft their executive branding profiles that make them STAND UP and STAND OUT.
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Sunday, 30 December 2018

Planning for a new job in 2019?

Planning for a new job in 2019?
Why not? If an unexpected opportunity comes your way, you should! Or, if the job you had in 2018 drove you nuts, you should also be actively considering a move.
But, first know what and when skills and competencies will help you fit in quickly, as well as, where you will need help from professionals to improve your chances.
Do not take a shortcut or an easy way out. There ain't an easy or straightforward route to success. The best success stories are usually from those who take the time, effort and advice from career advisory professionals to ensure doing the right thing – the first time!
Winning the right job isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.

Successful Resumes Singapore

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Christmas and New Year Greetings

We, members of the team at Successful Resumes Singapore, wish our highly-valued clients, associates and partners peace, joy, good health and prosperity throughout the new year 2019. Thank you for your continued support and partnership. We look forward to the years to come. Enjoy a Blessed Christmas. Happy New Year!!

Monday, 1 October 2018


Leaving your job? No, don’t do that!
Are you kidding? It’s up to my neck and I simply can’t take it anymore! I may end up in a mental institution if I stay on. The toxicity, politics, despicable bosses, stressful, dead-end role with below-market pay are driving me nuts. I don’t think I can take one minute more. I am ever-ready to call it a day. By the end of the working day, perhaps.
Are you sure? Think again. Do some soul-searching, consult with your loved ones, and talk to a professional counsellor before you put that resignation letter on your boss’ desk. It’s not that simple. Quitting a job without another in hand can and will add a whole new set of unexpected challenges and problems that you may not be ready for.
Consider the following if you are caught in that dilemma.
1.      It’s mind-boggling, demotivating and rather demoralizing being not gainfully employed. Quitting your job can leave you feeling adrift, lost and isolated from others. How would your loved ones and friends perceive you?
2.      The jobsearch process can be long-drawn, frustrating and you may be finding yourself caught in this spider web with no escape route. This problem is confounded by a tight labour market in a very disrupting, volatile new economy forced upon it by emerging technologies and startup business models.
3.      Finance and money issues – Where would the money come from? Have you planned your finances for the long haul – many months without income?  Understand all the financial ramifications of leaving your job – commissions, stock options, paid benefits etc. Be pragmatic. You need to put food on the table, pay your mortgage/rent and utilities; not forgetting children’s education and pocket expenses, and life and health insurance.
4.      The stigma of being in chronic unemployment. The hiring community classifies those being unemployed for six months or longer as ‘chronically unemployed”. Prospective hiring managers perceive those currently employed as more desirable compared to those chronically unemployed.
5.      Empower yourself. Before you throw in the towel, take some time off to reflect on your current situation and how you can overcome those challenges confronting you. Seek counsel from a professional, family member or trusted friend. If you belong to a religious group, pray for a divine breakthrough.
6.      Once you are able to find a solution, a way out of your current ‘bad’ work environment, you’ll emerge stronger with more confidence, self-esteem and would have learnt new approaches and critical skills to overcoming the next wave of challenges. This ‘new-found’ experience would prepare you well for the next job role. You can confidently discuss how you overcome challenges in a productive, compelling, and inspiring way.
If quitting an unhappy job is the only option, it is strategically important that you make that critical decision with your eyes wide open after considering all options and factors. Running away from a bad situation won’t bring long-term relief. If you must quit, then quit without burning bridges. Accepting the next job offer must be based on sound, well-informed and well-founded decisions. Taking on another job because you are desperate for the pay cheque would put you back in square one.
Equally important is also to bear mind that job security is a complete myth, and so is long-term employment. Most industries are in a state of flux. Companies, for survival, make sweeping job cuts when they need to. They lay off employees in droves. Be fully prepared for the next job move ahead of time. Brush up and keep your resume and other branding paraphernalia current and relevant.

Lim Larry
Chief Executive
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